Attorney’s Fees

And costs


During your initial consultation

you will always be advised of the fee for your particular case based on the complexity of issues involved. Our fees are often significantly lower than firms you might see advertised on television or elsewhere on the Internet and we provide a far superior level of service. If you have been quoted a lower fee from another firm, please do not hesitate to ask us our opinion or take us up on our free consultation. Many lawyers offering lower fee bankruptcy services are running volume “mills” and are unable to devote substantial time to each individual case. We take a maximum of five new bankruptcy cases each month and enjoy getting to know our clients through the process. You always have direct access to your attorney and your case is prepared 100% by an attorney, not a paralegal.

Chapter 7 Fees

Every Chapter 7 case is handled for a flat fee. The flat fee includes all counseling, preparation of the petition, schedules, and required forms, representation at the Section 341 Meeting of Creditors, and representation with any required reaffirmation agreements. Typical fees range between $1500 and $2500. More complex cases or those involving businesses may be more. Although the fee is all-inclusive, the Court charges a $306 filing fee for each case. Note: Many firms advertising fees of $995 or lower use these low advertised fees to get clients in the door only to quote them higher fees after the client has spent substantial time consulting. Our fees are transparent and comparable to other top-tier firms in the area. We will always quote you the exact fee for your case with no bait and switch.

Chapter 13 Fees

Chapter 13 cases are generally also handled for a flat fee. Clients who work for a company and receive regular paychecks can expect the total Chapter 13 fee to be between $3,500 and $4,500. Clients who are self-employed or whose cases involve complicated issues may have higher fees. One unique feature of Chapter 13 is that part of our fee can be paid back through the Chapter 13 plan in certain circumstances. The Court’s filing fee is $281 for Chapter 13 cases.

Adversary Proceedings

There are numerous types of adversary proceedings. The most common are actions to declare certain debts non-dischargeable and actions to strip liens on real property. Our Chapter 13 flat fee includes all required lien stripping adversary proceedings on behalf of debtors. All other adversary proceedings are handled on a hourly rate basis.

Creditor Services

Creditors must also protect their rights in bankruptcy proceedings. We offer reasonable flat rate services for the most common creditor filings:

  • Preparation and Filing of Proofs of Claim: $250 flat fee for most cases
  • Review of Chapter 13 Plan, Preparation & Filing of Objection to Confirmation: $500 flat fee
  • Motions to Lift the Automatic Stay: $750 flat fee for most cases