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separator is now providing an alternative method for Arizona and California individuals to obtain help with a bankruptcy. Based on the principle that helping others sows positive seeds for the future, connects people with attorneys willing to work on a donation only basis. The website fills the gap between those public interest organizations who only help the indigent and the for-profit law firms who serve only themselves.

The concept is simple. Clients needing help submit their information online and receive a call or email back from an attorney in their area to discuss their case. Clients have several options, including simply having an attorney draft the forms for them or obtaining complete legal representation. Suggested donation amounts are provided and clients who can afford to pay the donation amount are encouraged to do so. Clients who cannot pay the full donation amount, pay only what they can afford. Regardless of how much they donate, each client receives the same level of conscientious service. is currently only providing services in Los Angeles and Arizona, but will be expanding its network of attorneys.


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