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The world is becoming an increasingly stratified place. Many people have prospered through the recent recession and many people have struggled. We are all, however, in this world together.

One irony of financial downturns is that those people who may need legal help the most are the least likely to be able to afford it. While there are numerous public interest organizations our there that provide free legal services to the extremely poor, many people are turned away from these organizations because they are employed.

A new organization is, however, trying to fill the gap between those who qualify for free legal aid and those who can afford a for-profit law firm. is now providing a donation only alternative for those filing bankruptcy in Phoenix and Los Angeles. Based on the idea that positive action breeds positive results, places people in touch with attorneys who have agreed to take cases regardless of the client’s ability to pay. Client’s pay by donation with suggested donation amounts provided. The services obtained are equivalent–and in many cases–exceed the level of service offered by for-profit law firms. The difference is that no client is turned away because he/she cannot pay.

If you or someone you know is considering a bankruptcy, please consider as an alternative. You may also donate to their current fundraising efforts here.


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