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Hamid Jabbar

Attorney at Law In Arizona & California
Bankruptcy, Litigation & Business Law


Hamid Jabbar represents individuals and businesses in California and Arizona.

Founded on the principles of integrity, advocacy, excellence, and understanding, Hamid’s practice has helped hundreds of clients in all manner of business, litigation and bankruptcy proceedings. Providing exceptional attention to detail requires that Hamid strictly limit the number of matters he undertakes. On average, Hamid will accept only around 2-3 new bankruptcy cases each month and only a few litigation matters in any given year. Hamid’s roster of business clients is also necessarily select and structured such that each client has complete access to legal advice when needed. These limits allow Hamid to meet with each potential client personally, assess in depth their situation, and prepare each and every important document himself to ensure that no detail is overlooked. Cases are never outsourced to paralegals and all clients have direct access to Hamid for any questions.

Hamid Jabbar is dedicated to representing hardworking individuals obtain fresh starts through the bankruptcy process.

Hamid began his bankruptcy practice in the corporate world litigating complex adversary proceedings in conjunction with corporate Chapter 11 and Chapter 7 filings. Beginning in 2009, recognizing the need for quality bankruptcy representation in the consumer arena, Hamid began representing individuals in consumer Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 proceedings. Hamid has represented Arizona and California families in all manner of debt relief proceedings through the states. He is one of the most experienced lawyers in Arizona handling federal court and federal bankruptcy proceedings and carefully counsels each client on the best strategies.

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