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Short Sales


Common Short Sale Questions Addressed During Representation

  • How does a short sale affect credit
  • How long does a short sale take
  • How to write a perfect hardship letter
  • What benefits does a short sale offer over foreclosure
  • Whether there is any potential liability after a short sale
  • Whether you will get a 1099
  • The implications if you have an HOA
  • Second mortgages and HELOCs
  • Plan B options in the event a short sale is not approved by the lender

Our Short Sale Fee is Worth Every Penny

We currently offer either a very reasonable flat fee or hourly rate structure to consult with you, analyze your closing documents, and provide you with a legal opinion regarding potential liabilities. If you decide to move forward with a short sale, we will recommend a Realtor® who specializes in short sale transactions that you may work with or you can use your current Realtor®. During the short sale listing, if you want us involved, we will ensure that your transaction is handled smoothly and that all documents are in order. We will review all documents proposed by your lender and advise you of any issues. If issues arise, we negotiate directly with the lender on your behalf.